ebbu is a multi-platform cannabinoid technology company that is redefining cannabis cultivation, transforming the supply line, and designing lab-tested medicinal and adult-use product formulations.

ebbu is an industry leader working to elevate cannabis into the mainstream. ebbu is on a mission to solidify consumer trust through strategic business partnerships that will enable the next generation of sophisticated cannabis companies to become recognizable, trustworthy brands.

ebbu believes that both recreational and medical products should have a known and precise combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, every time, to create a safe and consistent experience.



The ebbu technology platform

Imagine being able to count on a consistent medical response from a dose of medical cannabis, or being able to anticipate a specific sensation before trying an adult-use cannabis product. Consistency is essential for trust and safety regardless of whether you are a pharmaceutical company or a large consumer brand.


Is ebbu right for you?

ebbu partners with category-leading companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to wine and beer to edibles and topicals, in order to license its IP technology portfolio, which includes:


Become a Partner

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