Just like with beer or spirits, imagine having the ability to anticipate exactly how you’ll feel even before you try a cannabis product.

Navigating today’s cannabis market can be a struggle. Most people will report their cannabis experiences to be wildly inconsistent and untrustworthy.

We started to imagine a new paradigm where consumers could choose the experience they want and that every time it’s consumed, an ebbu product would provide consistency and predictability. With that idea in mind, ebbu was born.


innovation and r&D Capabilities

With its multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility and cutting edge cellular pharmacology laboratory, ebbu has been able to file over 20 patents in the cannabis space (as of Feb 2017), and has become the leader in three unique scientific disciplines:

a) Chromatography - ebbu developed the first Production Scale Purification Capability in the Adult Recreational Cannabis Market, allowing ebbu to separate and purify cannabinoids and terpenes for product development, wholesale, and R&D.

b) Cellular Pharmacology - The cellular pharmacology division in the ebbu lab takes a polypharmaceutical approach to blend specific cannabinoids and terpenes together and create unique ratio formulas that target receptors in your body that maximize the product's direct effect on the human body and mind.

c) Psychopharmacology - 450+ Human panel study utilized to conduct Psychopharmacological trials on different cannabinoid formulations, allowing us to collect, test and analyze extensive data from the clinical volunteers.



The process of creating formulations

premium, predictable,consistent, and safe cannabis products