A Global Leader in Cannabinoid Research

With more than 40 cannabis-related patents filed representing over 1500+ inventions, the ebbu science team has become
a global leader in data-driven, lab-tested cannabinoid research. ebbu builds consumer trust from seed to sale by focusing on these scientific disciplines:



ebbu separates and purifies cannabinoids for product development, wholesale and R&D.
This process allows us to build every product from scratch.


Cellular Pharmacology

ebbu’s Cellular Lab grows human receptors to test pharmacological and—importantly—
poly-pharmacological reactions, to a range of cannabinoid and terpene blends. These tests
drive the development and creation of custom formulations for consistent cannabis products—from medical products treating anxiety, pain and insomnia to recreational products that inspire specific sensations such as energy and calm.

Clinical Pharmacology

ebbu conducts double-blind observational studies to identify adult-use and medicinal formulations. Select formulations will be forwarded for more advanced clinical trials.



ebbu’s superior, patented plant genetics can maximize cannabinoid output by boosting
in-plant cannabinoid production and creating rare-cannabinoid-specific plants.


Delivery technologies

ebbu is powering cannabis companies with its lab-tested, clinically studied water-soluble cannabinoid technology that is specially formulated to produce a fast-acting, consistent
and precise consumption experience—every time.