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ebbu’s mission is to unlock the power of cannabis to create trusted, safe and highly efficacious products.  We believe in the potential of cannabinoids to change the lives of millions, and our team dedicates countless hours to make this happen.

The cannabis plant naturally produces hundreds of chemical compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes, many of which are pharmacologically active. To better understand the plant’s impact on the human endocannabinoid system and other receptors, the ebbu team literally breaks down the many varying and inconsistent strains of cannabis to their root cannabinoid and terpene compounds, conduct cellular and human studies and creates unique formulations that are more consistent and scientifically reproducible than plant matter alone could ever be.


ebbu scientists develop proprietary recreational formulations of cannabinoids and terpenes that create precise experiences or sensations. Common categories that can be customized to find that perfect sensation for your product include:



ebbu’s team of scientists are looking to the future of effect-specific cannabinoid-terpene blends and aggressively working on formulations for therapeutic uses. ebbu is already fine-tuning formulations for: