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Creating Consistent Cannabis Products Through Genetics and Pharmacology

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At ebbu, Fine-Tuning the Chemical Reactions of Commercial Cannabis

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CERIA Beverages Partnership

Precision Dosage Technology

Visionary Discipline: ebbu is focusing on research to clear hurdles for the industry

Consistency in the Mainstream Cannabis Market

1:1 THC:CBD Aqua Drops by ebbu

"Powered by ebbu" Vegas Party

How a glass of water can get you higher than you've ever been before

Industry spotlight

A government health agency is funding the first-ever study on medical marijuana’s impact on opioid abuse

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ebbu Unveils Patent Pending Water Soluble “Aqua Drops”

Here's What Happened When 3 People Ditched Their Careers to Work in Weed

ebbu Genesis: Unveiling The Future of Formulated Cannabis

The New ebbu Genesis

Brands eye cannabis market

Chief Science Officer Brian Reid at ebbu to Lead Revolutionary New Research and Formulation for Cannabis Products

ebbu Debuts New Brand Design Connecting Cannabis With Mainstream Consumer Culture

ebbu Announces Groundbreaking Scientific Research of "Entourage Effect"

ebbu Announces Groundbreaking Production Scale Purification Process

The Bud Light-ification of Bud