“Powered by ebbu”: What Our Promise Means for Cannabis Consumers

By Jon Cooper, CEO

In a market brimming with a dizzying array of CBD and THC infused products, how can consumers know what’s safe, what’s reliable and what claims are legitimate?


We created the “Powered by ebbu” label as a way to answer these important consumer questions, to become the household symbol for safety and seal of approval for consistent cannabis experiences—and an overall symbol of trust for the industry. If a product is made with a rigorously tested cannabis formulation that is “Powered by ebbu,” consumers can rely on the real science behind it, delivered in specific doses for a dependable and highly efficacious medical result or adult-use experience.  

Consistency is essential for trust and safety regardless of whether you are a pharmaceutical company or a consumer brand. Powered by years of top-level research by scientists experienced in academia and pharmaceuticals, we can say with confidence that the best way to create truly reliable cannabis products is through formulations of purified cannabinoids and terpenes.

When you see “Powered by ebbu,” you might think of a similarly labeled promise often seen on computers: “Intel Inside®.” And the comparison to Intel is not random—as ebbu is a technology platform built on years of laboratory research, designed to support a range of companies in the cannabis space, both medical and recreational. And we’re confident that consumers will come to understand that our “Powered by ebbu” label means that the product you are about to consume will generate consistent, repeatable, known sensations.

We are engaging in strategic business partnerships like our recently-announced collaboration with Keith Villa, the creator of Blue Moon®, to enable the next generation of sophisticated cannabis companies to become recognized as trustworthy brands by consumers. By empowering our partners with formulations that contain a known and precise combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, they can provide a safe, predictable experience for consumers, every time.

To truly deliver on that promise, we will continue our world-class research into cellular and human pharmacology, developing the most effective formulations to achieve specific results, moods and sensations. We’re years ahead of most cannabis research in the United States, but there’s so much to be discovered.

While our partners’ products are “Powered by ebbu,” we are powered by the vision of tapping the full potential of the cannabis plant for the benefit of all.