U.S. Hemp Farming: ebbu’s Hemp Cultivation Partnerships are Propelling Cannabis Research

Hemp plants at Hardy Boy Farms greenhouse

Hemp plants at Hardy Boy Farms greenhouse

By ebbu Staff

ebbu’s wide-ranging mission to propel cannabis science and unlock the secrets of the plant’s fundamental compounds starts with revolutionary hemp cultivation.

Collaborations with two of Colorado’s leading hemp growers are advancing ebbu’s groundbreaking genetic research, development of specialized cannabinoid formulations that create consistent mood effects and our in-depth study of rare cannabinoids, the entourage effect and more.

Hardy Boy Farms, one of Colorado’s largest greenhouse operators, teamed up with ebbu on a new indoor cultivation / research facility, and we’ve also partnered with sustainability-minded Colorado Cultivars to pursue cannabinoid-focused plant development for outdoor cultivation.

State-certified hemp cultivator Hardy Boy Farms provided approximately 150,000 square feet of greenhouse space and built an on-site research laboratory for ebbu’s horticultural scientists. The 1,500 square-foot space gives ebbu’s botanists the opportunity to test how particular strains perform in the greenhouse environment, and to continue their patented work in plant genetics to maximize cannabinoid output and develop plants with rare-cannabinoid profiles.

Hardy Boy Farms’ growers are trained with genetics in mind, with a biologist and soil scientist on-site. The family business founded in 1948 is one of the largest cultivators in the state, with a million square feet of greenhouse space across three locations in the Denver Metro area,

ebbu is pursuing additional hemp cultivation projects with the largest hemp farming operation in Colorado: sustainability-minded Colorado Cultivars.

Colorado Cultivars’ massive hemp farm measures 2,000 acres and is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The majority of its acreage is USDA Certified Organic, with organic farming practices used on the remainder.

The ebbu-Colorado Cultivars partnership is focused on outdoor cultivation and development of plants that produce higher yields of various cannabinoids in the outdoor environment, including cannabidiol (CBD) and producing unique products with a specific genetic profile.

Colorado Cultivars, formed in 2014, produces CBD oil and several food components, including hemp hearts, powder and oil that is a key ingredient in some of Colorado’s best-known hemp products. It is well positioned to offer leading-edge hemp genetics, as it has been a forerunner in high-yield CBD genetics. The company holds a master research contract with Colorado State University to study hemp food nutrition, the medical impacts of hemp-derived cannabinoid oil and phytoremediation of contaminated soil.

In the first year of the partnership that launched in the spring of 2018, Colorado Cultivars dedicated 250 acres for growing up to 400,000 cannabinoid-rich hemp plants.

The first crop was comprised of two hemp varieties: one that produces large amounts of CBD, the other a prime source for cannabigerol (CBG), a lesser-known but powerful cannabinoid. ebbu provided inoculated plants known as “mothers” to Colorado Cultivars for production of clone plants to be planted in the field with the guidance and expertise of ebbu’s scientists. After Colorado Cultivars has harvested and processed the specialized crops in the fall of 2018, it will distribute the resulting CBD and CBG products to ebbu’s clients.

These two hemp-growing partnerships are key to helping ebbu pursue genetic development of a crop whose domestic production has surged in recent years after Congress opened the door to hemp cultivation with the 2014 Farm Bill.

An analysis by Marijuana Business Daily found the amount of acreage for hemp grew by 140% between 2016 and 2017 among the top 10 states that produce hemp. As of summer 2018, at least 38 states have passed laws allowing hemp farming, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.