ebbu Just Gave Up its Valuable License to Produce THC Cannabis Products—HERE's Why


We’ve been approached by lots of folks over the last month asking us, “Why the heck did you give up your license to work with marijuana and THC?” On the surface, we understand that it seems completely unnatural to so happily give up something that we fought so hard to get and maintain over the last few years.

But please read on to understand our reasoning, because we couldn’t be more jazzed about where we’re headed next.

At the end of 2014, the first year adult-use cannabis sales were legal in Colorado, we went through all the required bureaucratic steps to procure a license to produce THC cannabis products.

Over the last three years, we proudly created products that were pure, potent, high-quality and predictable. Our GENESIS product was designed to maximize activation at a particular cannabinoid receptor site in the nervous system (the CB1 receptor site), resulting in a potent, uplifting, functional, repeatable experience. Our Aqua Drops were pre-measured, micro-dosed and dissolvable in practically any liquid. They were fast-acting and sessionable, so that users could take control of their experience. Our WELL products were carefully designed purified cannabis extracts in specific ratios of THC and CBD for consumers seeking the holistic benefits of cannabis.

But after producing our own successful line of products for three years, it became clear that everything we were trying to create in our products was actually a baseline for what mainstream consumers needed in all cannabinoid-based products. Consumers want and deserve safe, consistent, efficacious products that will give them control over dose and titration.

So using our history in the market, we decided to think bigger and better. We wanted to take the wealth of knowledge we had gained to help bring a larger variety of products to market by collaborating with other companies and licensing our one-of-a-kind, industry-leading cannabinoid formulations.

By shifting our focus, we now have the capability to support dozens of other businesses, finding synergy between our technology and their ideas and products. We know there’s a great opportunity to use our scientific research capabilities and technology platform to power other people’s medicines and recreational creations with singular solutions that bring our values—consistency, predictability, repeatability—to a larger group of consumers. 

To truly take advantage of our technology platform, we needed to shift to a global perspective. By giving up our THC license and focusing on hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations, we have the opportunity to create products that are not constrained to specific state markets. For example, while our Aqua Drops were previously only available inside state-regulated dispensaries in Colorado, our forthcoming collaboration with Blue Moon founder Keith Villa—a delicious, sessionable, non-alcoholic beer with THC (and other cannabinoids) known as CERIA—will be available wherever Ceria chooses to license and distribute its products.

And our recently announced partnership with Hardy Boy Farms will give ebbu’s botanists the opportunity to test how particular strains perform in the greenhouse environment, continuing ebbu’s patented work in plant genetics to maximize cannabinoid output by boosting in-plant cannabinoid production and cultivating rare-cannabinoid-specific plants. And unlike THC, these non-psychoactive cannabinoids can cross state lines and power products sold outside of the state-regulated cannabis marketsthink convenience stores and health food grocersexpanding our formulations’ reach considerably.

We look forward to sharing the results of our research and clinical trials with cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD, as well as the functionality of terpenes.

As we made our way through the early days of regulated cannabis, we immersed ourselves in understanding the complex regulatory processes and requirements. And as we did with our THC license, we are committed to following appropriate regulations around non-THC cannabinoids, making sure that our technology platform can be put to responsible use throughout the U.S. and around the globe.


ebbu Is Partnering with Keith Villa, the Creator of Blue Moon, to Bring the First Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverage to Market

When ebbu founder Jon Cooper first looked at the cannabis industry, one of his early qualms was that he didn’t trust cannabis products in the same way he understood alcohol products.

“When you drink a beer,” he was known for saying, “you have control over the experience—and you can decide how much to drink.” But in 2014 Cooper was rightfully wary of things like cannabis edibles, because he wasn’t sure what effect they would have on him. He decided if he was going to enter the industry, he wanted to create something that would make sense for mainstream consumers like him, something that would help an Average Joe or Jane find that repeatable, predictable experience with a cannabis product.

For more than four years, ebbu has been conducting research and bringing products forward that meet that vision. And now, ebbu is bringing that research into collaborations with other companies.

At the end of March, ebbu told the world that it is partnering with Keith Villa, Ph.D. and the creator (and former head brewmaster) of Blue Moon Brewing Company, to power his just-launched CERIA™ Beverages.

The business, beverage and cannabis worlds all saw the momentous nature of the partnership, with stories quickly appearing in Forbes, USA TODAY, Chicago Sun Times, The Cannabist, NowThis News, High Times, Thrillist, Paste and Cannabis Business Times, among many others.

But why is this collab such a big deal? CERIA is looking to be the first beverage company to introduce a line of non-alcoholic craft beverages containing THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes. By working with ebbu, CERIA will be able to ensure that their products are designed to deliver a fast-acting, consistent, trusted psychoactive experience for consumers.

How fast-acting? Unlike current edibles that can take up to 90 minutes to take effect, these drinks will produce sensations in about the same amount of time as an alcoholic beverage, just as Jon dreamed of years ago.

Keith believes Americans are ready to enjoy a new way of socially consuming cannabis products, by drinking rather than by smoking. Like us, he sees the opportunity and the demand for such products. CERIA is working closely with ebbu to use our patented, lab-tested cannabis formulations, which can be consistently dosed and delivered in a true liquid-soluble format.

These cannabis formulations will be processed and infused into the CERIA concoctions, then sold chilled in licensed dispensaries to consumers 21 and older, first in Colorado, then in other states where the use of recreational marijuana is legal.


(Keith and Jodi Villa)

CERIA will be brewed just like an alcoholic craft beer to maintain its beer taste and aroma, but will then be de-alcoholized prior to the infusion of cannabis. This process means the final product will be have less calories than traditional beer. The drink will come in at least three strengths—light, regular and full-bodied—and offer a choice of sensations, such as chill, bliss and energy.

This partnership furthers our goal of partnering with category-leading companies to mainstream adult-use cannabis by creating consistent, predictable sensations.

We know Keith is the right person to make this groundbreaking mainstream product happen because when he created Blue Moon in 1995, he basically introduced craft beer to the average American beer drinker. It has since of course grown to become the largest craft beer in the country. And Keith also understands the science: He is one of the few people in the world to receive a doctorate in brewing science, writing his dissertation on complex biochemical reactions in beer. In fact, the name CERIA comes from the university campus in Brussles, Belgium where he studied.

We have always loved what Keith stands for, and we are honored and thrilled to partner with him, his wife Jodi and the CERIA team to bring this pioneering product to cannabis consumers. And we seriously can’t wait to get our first sip of CERIA—and to see that “Powered by ebbu” logo on its label.