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ebbu is a multi-platform cannabinoid technology company that is redefining cannabis cultivation, transforming the supply line, collaborating on lab-tested medicinal and adult-use product formulations and licensing its patent-pending phytogenetics and processing technology.

The ebbu team believes in the power of cannabis to change people’s lives and envisions a new paradigm where patients can be assured consistent therapeutic effects, and consumers can confidently choose the exact experience they want.

ebbu is a leading-edge industry player working to elevate cannabis into the mainstream. ebbu is on a mission to solidify consumer trust through strategic business partnerships that will enable the next generation of sophisticated cannabis companies to become recognizable, trustworthy brands.


The Ebbu in a Box model

Imagine being able to anticipate exactly how you’ll feel before you try a medical or adult-use cannabis product. Pharmacological, beer and spirits companies have the science of consistency and predictability down, and so can the cannabis industry. The ebbu technology platform overcomes these industry obstacles using three pathways:

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