ebbu is redefining the “entourage effect” and building industry and consumer trust by using formulations that produce customized sensations and consistent therapeutic effects


Cannabis produces hundreds of chemical compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes, many of which are pharmacologically active. In an effort to better understand the impact on the human endocannabinoid system, the ebbu team literally breaks down the many varying and inconsistent strains of cannabis to their root cannabinoid and terpene components, conducts cellular and human studies, and creates unique formulations that are more consistent and scientifically reproducible than plant matter alone could ever be.

ebbu is defining what the “entourage effect” really means with data-driven, lab-tested research. In this vein, ebbu is on a mission to place cannabis on the mass adoption stage by creating custom, consistent and predictable product experiences using precise, human-tested formulations.

ebbu has proven that the entourage effect is real. But full spectrum is not the answer. Commercially viable medical and adult use products of the future will require exact combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes.


Cellular pharmacology

ebbu scientists grow human receptors—serotonin, cannabinoid and capsaicin receptors among others—in cells to test the biological reaction of cannabinoid and terpene interactions in varying ratios to produce quantitative data that can be used to stimulate an exact and consistent sensation. This research informs development for medical and recreational products.


All ebbu formulations are rigorously tested using double-blind human trials with clinically proven methods for scoring subjective responses in a quantifiable way on a visual analogue scale. To date, ebbu has conducted more than 30 studies with human volunteers—and ebbu anticipates adding predictive modeling capabilities in the near future. These formulations can be used with any consumable, transdermal or topical product to create a consistent, predictable sensation