ebbu is redefining the edible cannabis experience with fast-acting,
water soluble solutions


ebbu believes that consumer trust is key to mainstream cannabis adoption. That trust lies on a foundation of product consistency and predictability. To bring the industry into the mainstream, ebbu is powering cannabis companies with its lab-tested, clinically-studied water soluble cannabinoid technology that is specially formulated to produce a consistent and precise consumption experience—every time.


aqueous solution

Mainstream cannabis adoption means catering to a wide range of consumption needs and preferences. Smoking or consuming slow-acting, unpredictable edibles isn’t for everyone, and the issue of self-titration continues to dog the industry.

That’s why ebbu is partnering with leading brands to license its aqueous solution for the next generation of cannabis products. ebbu has perfected its fast-acting, water-soluble cannabinoid solution that gives every consumer the power to self-titrate and effectively control their experience.

ebbu’s line of formulated products are designed to deliver superior quality, purity, unprecedented potency and a trusted, repeatable experience. ebbu’s technology can turn any cannabis oil into an aqueous solution that is:



Creating product consistency and custom cannabinoid formulations

Chromatography is central to ebbu’s vision of a future where cannabis is accessible to mainstream consumers who crave product consistency and predictability.

Currently, the cannabis industry continues to rely on plant extracts for product development, which leaves no room for consistency as batches are depending on a number of factors: plant strain, harvest, nutrition, curing and more. Using ebbu’s groundbreaking research, the ebbu chromatography division is helping top cannabis companies to establish their own commercial purification facilities for the development of precisely formulated medical and recreational cannabis products by controlling cannabinoid—not cannabis extracts.

Ebbu’s chromatography division can help leading cannabis brands produce consistent products, predictable sensations and novel product formulations by working on the cannabinoid level.


Product consistency requires full control of individual cannabinoid and terpene levels, not bulk extracts. Without consistency, consumer trust—the bedrock of any major brand seeking mainstream acceptance—will never take root for cannabis brands.

Using ebbu’s chromatography methodology and formulations, ebbu scientists are working to help strategic partners establish their own production-scale purification facilities for unique product development and wholesale. ebbu can help businesses in medical and recreational markets create cost-effective and precise formulations of individual cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing full product control and consistency—every time.