ebbu™ BOLD

Our line of purified formulated products designed to deliver superior quality, purity, unprecedented potency, and trusted repeatable experience. GENESIS™ the first formulated product in the ebbu™ BOLD line, was designed to maximize activation at the CB1 Receptor site and is 3-4x more powerful than pure THC. 

ebbu™ BOLD: Pure. Potent. Premium. Predictable.



GENESIS™, our patent-pending, first ever formulated product, was designed to maximize activation at the CB1 Receptor site. The result is a potent, uplifting, functional, repeatable experience ideal for any social setting.

  • Pure - Made with a custom-commissioned purification system, Genesis is over 99% pure. 
  • Potent. - A proprietary formulation of cannabinoids & terpenes that is long lasting and 3-4 times more powerful than pure THC.
  • Premium - Quality In. Quality Out. From start to finish - product to packaging. 
  • Predictable - Because its an exact formula, you can trust you will get the same product. Every. Single. Time. 

THE NEW Genesis  Aqua Drops (available in select Colorado dispensaries)


Aqua Drops from ebbu™ are a patent pending innovation in the edibles space.  Aqua Drops are pre-measured, micro-dosed, and 100% dissolvable in practically any liquid. They are ideal for turning almost any beverage (coffee, tea, water, mock-tails, non-alcoholic beers, soft drinks) into a "Canna-Bev", or for use everyday cooking/baking infused dishes at home.

  • Discreet, Portable, Disposable
  • Fast acting, takes effect in 5 – 14 minutes
  • Sessionable, so you can have more than one, and remain in control
  • A low calorie alternative to traditional edibles
  • Ideal for adding to coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, creating cannabis mock-tails, or turning any beverage into a “canna-bev”
  • Works great for cooking and baking, too


The ebbu™ R&D team has spent the last year scouring far and wide for the best vape hardware in existence.

The new ebbu™ vape cartridge provides maximized airflow for a fuller, more flavorful vape experience, improved liquid flow, ceramic coil, glass tank, metal tip, with buttonless vacuum-pull technology. The ebbu™ vape cartridge is a convenient and easy option -- perfect for when you're on the go.

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ebbu™ WELL

Carefully designed products comprised of purified cannabis extracts combined into specific ratios of THC and CBD created for the consumers seeking the holistic benefits of cannabis.


FUTURE products


Through our proprietary, science-based isolation process, ebbu™ is developing it's new game-changing flagship product line, Feelings, which will let you choose the experience you want to have. Each formulation will combine the specific natural compounds from the cannabis plant to create distinct, uniform sensations and results. 

So, how do you want to feel?

For wholesale inquires, please send an email to hi@ebbu.com