We Are Passionate Pioneers in the Science of Cannabis.

Ebbu was inspired by a simple idea: Make experiencing cannabis predictable, consistent, and reliable so it can be enjoyed by everyone (who’s legally able to, of course). We’ve built what we believe is the most advanced scientific team and lab in the U.S. cannabis industry.  Our mission: To unlock the potential of cannabis to enhance and improve people’s lives. 

Cannabis products could enhance and improve the lives of millions, but there’s a fundamental problem: People’s responses to current cannabis and cannabis-derived products are too unpredictable and inconsistent for the mainstream to trust and accept them.

Cannabis consumers want to make purchase decisions based on how the product will make them feel or what it will make them experience. But current products create wildly varied results. So why has no one been able to deliver a consistent, predictable effect?

Problem Solved

Through its proprietary, science-based distillation process, Ebbu created its pioneering flagship line, Feelings, which lets consumers choose exactly the experience they want to have. Each formulation combines specific compounds from the cannabis plant to create distinct, uniform sensations and results.


Just like with beer or spirits, the effects of Ebbu products are 100% consistent. Every time you try one of our products, you will experience the exact same response. 


Ebbu products are predictable – you can anticipate exactly how they’ll make you feel even before you first try them.  

How do you want to feel?

Each of the five products in Ebbu’s flagship Feelings line (currently in development) generates a distinct experience: