Ebbu™: Where Cannabis culture

meets cannabis science

Living a meaningful, happy life is about creating and sharing experiences

     ebbu was inspired by a simple idea: Making cannabis products predictable and consistent so they can be enjoyed and experienced by everyone. Consumers want experiences. Creating experiences is why ebbu was founded and elevating those experiences is what we do. From reliable products, to premium packaging, to social and digital engagement, ebbu inspires people to live life more fully and enjoy every experience. 


We believe in a world where you stay up later or dream a bit longer.  Where you laugh out loud more often or crack a smile from much needed relief.  Where you say ‘yes’ more often than ‘no’ and never run out of stories when sharing time with your friends. 

We believe in the goodness of cannabis.  We believe it can make people’s lives better…and possibly even change the world. We believe that science can unlock the natural magic of cannabis. Our passion is to help you elevate your experiences through healthy products you can trust. Our reward is knowing that your journey is that much better.

Climb that mountain, hold hands with the one you love, chill out on that couch you should have thrown away years ago. Whatever your path, whoever you are - enjoy every experience

ebbu.  It’s Your Journey.